Top Ten Celebrity Nose Jobs – Women

Celebrity nose jobs are extremely common; most women who enter Hollywood tend to easily fall under the extreme pressures of looking just perfect, go under the knife (most common being nose jobs) to achieve perfection.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – The Perfect  Nose for Women

While there are many types of noses, in the end Hollywood prefers the nose of its celebrities to be very thin along the bridge and tip, smooth and refined i.e. a nose which provides them with a sophisticated look. While there are a few exceptions in most celebrity nose jobs the end product is a thin nose which is refined and smooth from top to bottom.

The Top Ten Celebrity Nose Jobs in Women

Till today countless female celebrity nose jobs have been done, so if you do not find the nose job of your favourite celebrity in this list, do not be offended, I will try to be non-partial in my selection.

Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 1 (Lady Gaga Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

The Lady Gaga Nose Job is according to me one of the best in the industry. Her old nose was extremely bulbous and crooked along a certain angle. After the nose job however her nose was converted to one which truly suits her face, makes her look very pretty.







Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 2 (J Lo Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures


J Lo is widely considered as one of the sexiest women alive, this is because she has the perfect combination of a great body, face and voice. While the first and last are a result of her genes, her perfect face which is the epitome of sexiness is a result of a nose job. While earlier she had a slightly bulbous nose tip, after surgery it has been converted into a more sleek and refined form.




Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 3 (Khloe Kardashian Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

Famous for her role in the hit television series “Keeping Up With the Kardasians”, Khloe had an extremely bulbous nose which was lowering her beauty. So like other celebrities she went under the knife to correct it, but unlike other celebrities who craft themselves a extremely thin nose, she decided to craft herself a nose which while thin, still retained the true character of her nose. All in all the end product is a great nose which truly suits her.




Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 4 (Halle Berry Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

Halle Berry is one of the most sexiest actresses in the world. Widely featured in the list of the sexiest people in the world, her sexy and beautiful  face is a result of a nose job which gave her the picture perfect nose, face.











Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 5 (Natalie Portman Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

Natalie Portman is widely considered as the beauty with brains, since she is one of the very few actresses who can boast of a PhD degree in psychology. While in the past she had a slightly bulbous nose (which could have affected her acting career), her new nose after the nose job is more refined, elegant and sophisticated i.e. a perfect nose which suits her.




 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 6 (Alexa Ray Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

The dashingly good looking Alexa Ray the only daughter of world famous singer Billy Joel, a singer herself got tired of her slightly bulbous nose and got it changed in the usually Hollywood format i.e. thin, smooth flowing, elegant. The end result however is really good and makes her face as beautiful as her voice.








Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 7 (Kristen Wiig Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

A well known television actress, comedian, and writer, Kristen Wiig was widely considered as cute and beautiful, nevertheless she still underwent the knife and got her nose trimmed around the side, to make it more small and smooth. The end result is according to some excellent, according to some extremely bad. Check out the photos yourself and decide.


Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 8 (Jessica Biel Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

Jessica Biel is one of the sexiest actresses alive. While she had a thin and refined nose, it used to be a little bit bulbous towards the tip. So she underwent surgery to craft herself a thinner nose. Thankfully the end result is a better looking nose which makes her look all the more sexier.





Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 9 (Heidi Montag Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures

From the hit television show “The Hills”, Heidi Montag is a small town girl from Colorado, who was originally a media personality and singer. While she has undergone a number of surgical procedures to make herself look just perfect, her nose job is by far the best of them all. Her new nose truly looks good and perfectly complements her face and body.







Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – 10 (Julia Roberts Nose Job)

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Before and After Pictures.

An award winning actress Julia Roberts is famous worldwide for her great acting skills, beautiful looks. However in her past, her nose was extremely pointy (which gave her a look of a rat), after her nose job she gained a perfect nose which complemented her completely. In her nose job she simply trimmed away the sides of her nose, left her nose tip alone (since it was already pointy). The end product is a great looking nose which perfectly fits her face.


Above are some of the best female celebrity nose jobs according to me. Feel free to check out our dedicated articles on individual celebrity nose jobs.


Author: Perumal G.

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