What Causes Bags Under The Eyes

Several Things Cause Dark Puffy Eye Bags

As we age our skin loses elasticity. The eyelid muscles becomes weak, lose their tone and forms bags under the eyes. Sometimes fat and fluid accumulates in these bags and causes puffiness or swelling around the eyes. This condition is very common in old age people but, sometimes due to some medical complications young generation can also experience it. Have you ever thought of what are the main causes of bags under the eyes? Once you will learn influential things for these dark puffy eye bags, you will surely improve your beauty.

Aging, Heredity And Your Genetics

With age our skin becomes lose and wrinkled. The skin near eyes become thinner and hangs to form bags under the eyes. But sometimes one of the biggest reasons that you have bag under eyes is because it is in your genes and your parents also had this problem when they were of your age. Your children may also carry on this family trait. This is more noticeable in people with fair skin.  These causes are certain and have proved by beauty experts.

Fluid Retention In The Body

Dark Puffy Eye Bags

The body fluid retention tissues are a big cause of ugly dark puffy eye bags. Especially the subcutaneous tissues which are caused of many conditions such as high salt intake, excess smoking, in pregnancy, lack of sleep etc. Some doctors believe that formation of bags under the eyes is the first sign of fluid retention in the body. They believe that detailed investigations should be carried out to figure out the exact reason of this problem. Sometimes crying can also lead to fluid retention near the eye area because of excess salt content in tears.

Fatigue, Lack Of Sleep Or Stress

Fatigue and lack of sleep makes skin look paler as it increases blood pressure due to constriction of our blood vessels and fluid retention in the body. Additionally, allergy and colds like allergic reactions to food, pollens, animals or toxins can also be the cause of dark puffy under eye bags. Nasal allergies and sometimes because of deviated septum there can be congestion in and near the nasal passage, this leads to facial swelling and bags under the eyes. But some experts deny the fact that deviated septum can lead to dark bags under the eyes.

Skin Disorders Or Tear Gland Infection

Infection of the skin (dermatitis) can lead to eye puffiness. Tear glands infection causes puffiness or swelling around the eyes. Anemia, Vitamin deficiency, poor diet and sometimes dehydration can also be the main cause of ugly bags under your eyes. Rubbing eyes constantly with your hands irritates the delicate skin under the eyes and results in under eyes bags and red eyes. Whatever may be the cause, it has to be carefully investigated to get rid of these ugly and dark under eye bags. Many people believe that baggy eyes are mainly a cosmetic concern. But, they do not deny that it is an early warning signal of a health problem one may suffer in future.

Author: A.M.

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