What Is Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a process that is used for removing sinus blockages by which sinusitis occurs. This surgery is also referred as sinoscopy or endoscopy. Sinusitis is a nasal condition that makes sinuses clogged and swollen and causes intense pain, discomfort and uneasy breathing to a sinusitis patient. For performing endoscopic sinus surgery, a small, light weight and thin tool named endoscope is used and is being inserted in nose. With an eyepiece, doctors look inside the nose and gets ensured about exact location where the problem is.

Structure Of Endoscope

The surgical instrument for endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscope is quite alike telescope consists to a broad camera lens. It beams light to various parts of sinuses and nose that enables doctors to properly see the reason of blockage in nasal area. This instrument works amazingly with procedure of removing nasal blockages as well as enhancing breathing. The endoscopic sinus surgery is not involved to making cuts into skin because it is being performed through nostrils. After having this surgery, a patient can go his or her home same day of operation

Purpose Of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Mainly, this surgery is developed to enhance air flow amount through sinuses and it allows proper mucus drain from the nose. This surgery is capable to provide amazing relief to blocked nasal. It helps providing comfort from facial pain and enhances breathing quality. It also affects positively to enhance taste and smelling sense. Apart from it, endoscopic sinus surgery is beneficial for correcting sinusitis, deviated septum, polyps and tumors. Though, this procedure is not that effective for allergies or post nasal drip caused by air particles like ragweed or dust etc.

Different Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Facts

Around 80 to 90% sinusitis patients have reported that endoscopic sinus surgery has reduced considerable symptoms of sinus problems. The fiberoptic technology used in endoscopic sinus surgery enables doctors to have an inside sinus view even without making cut on face. Thus, one can see various sinuses’ parts that are hard to reach for anyone with naked eyes. Every year in America, around 14 percent people experience sinusitis problem. Moreover, it is also heard that 1 to 2 percent adult Americans have lost their smelling or tasting sense due to sinusitis problem.

Benefits & Usages Of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is remarkable treatment option for correcting sinus issues like sinusitis, deviated septum, polyps etc. This is a brilliant procedure in which one does not have to suffer from any kind of facial cut or after surgery discomfort because doctors use a unique technology that enables them to treat up actual cause of nasal disorder without cutting the face. By improving nasal drainage, this surgery enhances airflow and other nasal functions. The usages and benefits of endoscopic sinus surgery include reduction of sinus infections, enhancement of sinusitis symptoms, enhancing airflow and breathing from nose and so on.

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